Engine Tuning

I can offer a tuning service for most two strokes. Sometimes the least expected engines make for the most interesting projects! Tuning spec can be to whatever spec you fancy, but usually it comes down to road or race. Generally I work on TZR and RD’s, but I enjoy anything two stroke!

Price for a twin cylinder tune road £160 race £200

(sadly I can’t fit twin cylinder heads like the 2MA or LC/YPVS on my lathe)

Single cylinder base tune £85

Single cylinder head simple skim £40 re-profiling £80 (usually requires the whole engine for measuring purposes)

Anything a bit different can be higher or lower depending on what’s involved, so the above prices are only a guide.

This is an air-cooled RD250F, ported fairly modestly, a lot of work to open up the transfer ports and increase areas, but without going too far with the port heights. Along with a set of my custom pipes it made a healthy 40hp on a low reading dyno (same as a stock 2MA TZR)

These are my own TDR250 cylinders, with added extra sub exhaust ports. A lot of work! not something I generally offer as a service, but this spec did win the UK Formula 3 hovercraft championship many times.

These are a pair of RD350ypvs cylinders set up for a +4mm crankshaft. Apart from the usual flowing these needed the transfer port floors lowering to match the piston at BDC.

An AR80, ported cylinder with a TS100 head re-profiled to suit, and a race spec pipe. A fun project, and I was happy with the shape of the powercurve (14hp at 10-10500rpm).